“We want your Kitchen Waste”

During 2017 i was travelling around England and i visited every museum and castle that i could. I was trying to keep every piece of art in my camera and one of them was this wall full of British propaganda during the Second World War but i will talk about one in particular.

“We want your kitchen waste” .

WWII poster – 1940 – Artist: John Gilroy 

The story of this poster.

One of many British propaganda posters that propagate to the people of Britain, that during the war years all Britons have to take their responsibility when it comes to recycling and saving resources. In this propaganda poster it concerns your kitchen left overs, the agricultural society needed the waste to give to pigs and poultry. 

Some of the artists wanted to publish their work to raise awareness among citizens.

I am a great admirer of this type of art. As a result, i wanted to start including this in my blog.

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